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Purrs and Kisses

Purrs and Kisses to the following people and organizations whom without their dedication, continual giving, and services we could not do this.

Eddie Justiniano - My faithful and loving husband who has supported me and all the cats for all these years....

To my father, Victor Kresge, Uncle, Stanley Kresge, and my husband Eddie Justiniano for all their hard work building our cat shelter just because they love me.

SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) located in Enola   Pa for their constant financial support.

For Keystone Veterinarian Services, Dr Matthew, and his staff who is not only wonderful to work with but is responsible for us being  able to spay and neuter so many.


  • Dr Bruce Keck of Annville

  • Dr Alysia Deaven of Annville

  • Dr Phillip Cook of Loysville

  • Dr David Vail of Lebanon

  • These veterinarians not only give up there time, and money to help these animals in need. They also show kindness and compassion when treating these animals through illnesses, and health. They educate us so that we can do better.

  • We truly owe everything to these wonderful vets!

The Humane Society of Lebanon County and its shelter manager Greg Setzer, and staff, for their inspiration and support

Lancaster County Humane League for their wonderful low cost spay neuter program

Greta Rank and her endless energy and struggles to help animals in need

Our salvage food and supplies companies for donations for the animal rescue food bank.

ALL of our Guardian Angels and volunteers who have given so much to help cats that may otherwise be unloved and uncared for.....   (see angel page)

To all of you who share in our efforts to help those cats in need, in your neighborhoods, local shelters, and rescue groups.

Purrs and Kisses to all who share the love, of the beauty, and grace, that is the cat.

and homeless,
outside your door I stood...
with no name...
hungry and afraid

This site is dedicated to the abandoned, forgotten, and unloved cats who have lived and died...  with no home...
with no love... and with no name.

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